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Hệ thống chữa cháy bọt foam

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Hệ thống chữa cháy bọt foam

Foam Bladder Tanks offer a reliable and simpler method of foam proportioning. Bladder Tank system includes a pressure-rated tank with an internal rubber bladder. Upon system actuation, incoming water applies pressure to the rubber bladder, which supplies pressurized foam concentrate to the proportioning device (ratio controller). The foam ratio controller meters the foam concentrate into the fire water line, creating foam solution. The solution is then piped to the discharge devices protecting the hazard area. Bladder tanks are available in horizontal and vertical mounting with a completely pre-piped option. HD Foam Bladder Tanks carry UL, FM and CE Approvals. Please contact our sales for further details on approvals and certifications.


  • Vertical or Horizontal unit
  • Maximum working pressure 12 Bar (175 PSI)
  • Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Construction
  • Tank made to ASME Code Section VIII Div I
  • ASME U Stamp available as an option
  • Capacity up to 15,000 liters (4000 gal.)
  • Compatible with all foam concentrates
  • Nylon reinforced Buna-n-rubber bladder
  • Proportioner pre-piped on to the tank
  • Bladder Tank filling kit provided if required
  • UL Listed and FM Approved


  • Pre-piped option for easy installation
  • Reversible water inlet direction: Water can be directed from either of the sides
  • Standard Unit comes with pressure gauges, control valve, thermal pressure relief valve, sight glass and fill & drain valves
  • All valve and accessories accompanied with identification name plates
  • Can be offered in flanged or grooved inlet/outlet connection

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